Ivan Orkin is the owner of two ramen shops in New York, and if you haven't already watched his Chef's Table episode, get on it. His Instagram game is always solid, but it's when he's back in Japan that it really shines. He hunts out the most amazing looking dishes, and eats right across the price spectrum.

Here's a small selection of the Tokyo restaurants that he's been eating at, and a map so that you can go there too.

Tonkatsu at Tonki

Did you know that a breaded, deep fried pork cutlet could be a transcendent experience? Go to Tonki and see the light. They know what's up, in fact, they've been doing it for 73 years. You'll have the option of rōsu, fatty pork, or hire, lean, and there is no shame in choosing the former.

Ramen at 麺尊rage

There are almost as many opinions on the best ramen in Tokyo as there are delicious bowls of noodles scattered throughout the city. There's a perfect bowl out there for everyone, and finding yours is surely the best mission you could go on. This suggestion seems like a very good place to start.

Kakigōri at Kooriya Peace

If you're not across kakigōri, it's both a traditional food dating to the Edo period, and a current craze. The dessert is made from shaved ice, flavoured with syrups and sometimes sweetened with condensed milk. You'll find it on offer during festivals, from street stalls, and now from cafes who serve increasingly ornate versions.

Pizza at Pizza Studio Tamaki

There's a thriving, and frankly obsessive pizza scene in Tokyo (here's a great long read on it, featuring Pizza Studio Tamaki) and it's well worth indulging in. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you only want 'Japanese' food- you've never had anything like this.

Izakaya at Shinpo

There's nothing nicer than holing up for a few hours of indulgence at a really great izakaya, and this looks like a particularly great option. Go prepared to try anything and everything, and if you haven't already found your way with sake, here are some pointers.

Konbini snacks

Everyone who visits Japan has a favourite konbini snack (vanilla ice cream mochi over here), and it's nice to know that such a well regarded cook still gets excited about hitting the 7/11. Of course, this sweet snack is flavoured with two forms of green tea, so it's not exactly your run-of-the-mill sweet treat.

Ramen at Ramen Sugimoto

He's not called the @ramenjunkie for nothing! Shio is a salt-based ramen- maybe this bowl will wind up being your favourite?

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