I was thrilled to be asked to provide some travel tips to a site that I love to use, Rome2rio, and shared a few insights and some photos.

What are your top tips for planning a Japan trip?

Figure out your must-do activities, research what you need to book and lock it in. Japan is currently experiencing a huge boom in tourism, so no matter what you want to do, it will be in hot demand. I’ve found it’s best to build in lots of time for wandering around and exploring. I like to do one ‘activity’ a day, whether that’s visiting a gallery, temple, garden, market or a must-do restaurant. If you can’t book something, be sure to factor in time to queue.

Prepare to do a lot of walking. Make sure you bring appropriate shoes and remember that you’ll need to slip them on and off quite regularly. My personal tip: pay attention to your socks!

Brush up on local etiquette. Don’t risk being ‘those’ tourists. Things to be aware of include not eating in public, wearing a mask if you’re getting a cold, following the rubbish separation laws and keeping your conversations quiet while you’re on public transport. Make sure you’ve always got a plastic bag with you to put your rubbish in, as bins can be few and far between.

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