Japan likes icecream. And Japan also makes both exceptional icecream and an incredible range of icecream. Spend a minute browsing the freezer in any konbini and you'll be convinced.

Softserve or 'softcream' is a particular speciality. You can get it everywhere. Here's one of the best offers in town- ¥490 for all eight flavours at Daily Chico in Nakano Broadway. For reference: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee and Milk, Sesame, Sweet Potato, Green Tea, and something else green.


Okay, so there's a lot of softcream on offer in Japan. And when you can buy an eight flavour mega cone for ¥490, why would you shell out at least ¥500 for a tiny cone of Cremia?

It's because Cremia tastes amazing. And like so many tasty things, the reason for this lies in the fat content. Most softserve clocks in at about 8% milk fat. Cremia contains 12.5%, and the milk used comes from Hokkaido, an area famed for dairy produce.

To double down on the tastiness, the softcream is 25% whipped cream. The finished creamy delight is housed in a cone made of langue de chat, a thin and crisp biscuit. Unlike softserve you might be used to, Cremia doesn't have a lot of stabilisers, and so is super fast melting. It's a good time, not a long time.


You'll find it at seemingly quite random places, but if you're having trouble the Excelsior Caffe chain offer it. If you're around Shibuya, you can head to the flagship Cremia cafe, Silkream, and be wowed by what's on offer.

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