Getting prepared for Japan? Here are some useful YouTube clips to watch while you're in the planning stages.

A Guide to Your First Hour in Tokyo, Japan

This is a very, very complete guide to what to expect on arrival in either Haneda or Narita. The host, Life Where I'm From, is so dedicated to giving you handy information that he's even developed a written guide to accompany the video.

This video clocks in at just under 17 minutes, but it's time incredibly well spent. You'll learn about using an ATM, finding free WiFi (and why you shouldn't rely on it), JR Passes, Pasmo or Suica IC cards, and using a local train.

12 Things NOT to do in Japan

A nice and simple to understand video explaining what not to do- and why. The context for some of the no-nos is really interesting! From Abroad in Japan, a British YouTuber who's been living in Japan for five years.

Tokyo Tourist Traps

This is a great video from Internationally ME which deconstructs some myths about the must-do spots, but also gives some great alternative options. Turns out you can skip Takeshita St, Tokyo Tower, and parts of Golden Gai. As the narrator points out, she's not about saying don't go there, she's just setting your expectations, especially around crowd levels.

12 Things You Must Eat in Tokyo

Look, you'll eat a lot of food everywhere in Japan, but this video from The Travel Intern is short and sweet and gives you some great prompts, as well as reminding you to get outside the ramen-sushi train-conbini bubble. Tamagoyaki FTW!

Japan Shinkansen Bullet Train First Class VS. Economy Class

From YouTuber Mikey Chen this clip is for everyone who has agonised over whether to buy Green Car tickets (not unless you have money to burn, and if you do, just buy fancier food). Giving you a glimpse into both ticket classes, you'll also get a look at Mikey's train journey and some engaging tid-bits.

Getting WiFi in Japan

From the Tokyo Cheapo crew this video really breaks down the ins and outs of getting hooked up with WiFi in Japan. You'll probably conclude that you want to rent a pocket WiFi, but it's worth taking the time to understand just why that is.

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